Alumina disk with hole

Alumina disk with hole

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Alumina (Al2O3) disk/plate has a wide application due to its versatility and low material cost. Alumina possesses a high melting point, strong hardness, and good chemical stability, making it a good material to withstand high temperature and chemical corrosion. Alumina Plates and Disks are available in different dimensions and thicknesses.

Material: 99.5% alumina ceramic, positive and negative tolerance 0.01, double-sided grinding, mirror polishing, high quality.            Our company specializes in the production of 99.5% alumina ceramics, alumina content 99.6 or more, mainly using isostatic pressing machine molding, with good compactness, high hardness, high density, low wear, high temperature, high pressure, impact resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, etc. The materials used are mainly alumina or zirconia, wear resistance, corrosion resistance; Used in high temperature environment. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of acid resistance and alkali resistance. It has high hardness, long service life, excellent sealing performance and smooth surface. After high temperature firing, acid and alkali resistant corrosion.            Welcome all the new and old customers to contact us for guidance.