Alumina ceramic shaft for pump

Alumina ceramic shaft for pump

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Product Description

 pump shafts made of 95% pure alumina which Aegis supply for use in small pumps. The applications for these pumps varies from chemical handling to heating water circulation, garden pond and fountain pumping and even for use in aquariums. Shown in the picture are shafts centreless ground to 3.0, 4.0 and 8.0mm diameter, some having anti-rotation features and some without. Sometimes the shafts run in ceramic bearings of the same grade and sometimes they run in small plastic bearings or Glacier-type composite bearings with a non-metallic contact surface. Other grades of alumina can also be supplied, but for most purposes the high strength and low cost of the pink 95% grade make it the first choice.

The materials used within pump applications include 96% & 99.5% Alumina, Zirconia & Silicon Carbide.

Alumina offers a combination of good mechanical and electrical properties suitable for a wide range of applications. It has a high compressive strength, hardness and is dense, non-porous, has low toxicity and vacuum tight. It has excellent dimensional stability across very wide temperatures and resists chemical attack.


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